Pastor Will

Associate Pastor Pastor Will Pastor Will Torres has a passion for God's word coupled with a love for God’s people and a passion to reach the lost youth of this generation. He was ordained as a pastor at Calvary Chapel in Coral Springs in 2011 under the leadership of Senior Pastor Joe Reul. As [...]

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what is discipleship

While we are all called to become disciples of Jesus, we become disciples with one another, learning how to love God and each other as we go. This is why church and honest relationships with other believers are so central to the Christian life—we need one another in this journey of becoming wholehearted disciples of Jesus.

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What is non-negotiable for your faith?

7 Essentials for the Christian Life By Dennis Rainey If you've ever purchased a car, you've seen the owner's manual. It's the book that tells you about the "non-negotiables" for maintaining the car. These are things like changing the oil, filling the tank with gasoline, topping off the transmission fluid, and having tires with adequate [...]

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